Governor Ducey to sweep the entire OHV Sticker fund?

By | January 25, 2018

AZOHVC Legislative Officer Jeff Gursh reported yesterday that Governor Ducey has it in the budget to sweep the entire OHV Sticker fund for the next 10 years to pay for education funding. According to the Ducey’s Chief of Staff they don’t think the OHV community will care and will not make any noise or cause any political (read re-election) trouble. Does that sound like you?

Jeff is meeting with the Governor’s Office this week to try and talk some sense into these people but I just want to forewarn you all that action on your part might be necessary if Jeff’s arguments are not persuasive enough. Letters, emails, and possibly even a OHV rally at the Capital building might be necessary.

Click here to contact Governor Ducey and share your feelings on this.

More to come!